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Halal Wrist
Takes Flight, 2022

March 2, 2022 10:00AM


In Washington D.C., a whole vibrant world hides on 3019 Georgia Avenue NW, near the renowned Howard University. Halal Wrist Brand Big 3 x Air Jordan Brand

"Michael Jordan!!" says Keith Crump, 1/3 of the Halal Wrist brand. "I guarantee you that every up and coming basketball player sat through hours and hours of his highlights. Your favorite basketball player is probably a student of Michael Jordan," he explains. Michael Jordan was someone that changed the culture of basketball and inspired millions of people all over the world, including the Halal Wrist brand. Starting with basketball, the original behind the back trickster, Soufiane Bernoukh was able to engage with audiences all over the world. He was making unbelievable shots that inspired so many people to go out and get active. During those times is when the Halal Wrist brand was born.


The ultimate shot maker, Soufiane Bernoukh and the rest of the Halal Wrist Restaurant Team. 

Taking this brand to create a corporate structure was quite the challenge. First rule of business is creating a product to sell. The Halal Wrist brand wanted to take a unique approach. Instead of manufacturing clothing, they decided to create Halal Wrist Mini Hoops. To be honest, at first, not many people were interested in purchasing a mini hoop, as they were not a significant product in the market, Explains Ayman Beshir, 2/3 of the Halal Wrist Brand. After weeks of brainstorming, the first Halal Wrist mini hoop highlight video was created."The world started going bananas! One after another, we started shooting more and more content. The more we released the more complex we started making the highlights and the people were hooked," describes Ayman. Lets not forget that this was peak COVID-19, so what better time to have a mini hoop at home during lockdown.


Air Jordan Brand Signature Air Jordan Ones gracing the Hardwood; the Halalwrist Team enjoys laughs while discussing this unforgettable moment.

The brand started to grow substantially. Everything was happening so fast, we needed to act quickly and structure the brand for it to expand and last forever. Although basketball will always be attached to this brand, we decided to hit an audible and go into the restaurant business. Our goal is to continuously expand the brand through a variety of business ventures, while always remembering the birth of it, basketball. 


"Thank you to everyone that has been supporting the brand and we hope to have more collaborations with Jordan in the near future!" - Soufiane Bernoukh 

"Look at how far we have come!" Expresses Soufiane Bernoukh, 3/3 of the Halal Wrist Brand. "The Jordan brand and the Halal Wrist brand collaborating together. We all remember how bad we wanted a pair of Jordans growing up. Some were blessed to have them and some had a goal to do so one day. It was such an amazing feeling to be in the position to give our employees their first ever Jordans," details Soufiane. "Looking at the smiles on their faces was enough for us! We know how hard they work and they truly deserved it. From us and them, we would like to take the time to thank the Jordan brand," coveys Soufiane. Starting from where they came from to now having our own restaurant, to collaborating with Jordan must be a surreal feeling. "Thank you to everyone that has been supporting the brand and we hope to have more collaborations with Jordan Brand in the near future," Soufiane Concludes. 

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